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Boat & Fishing Paradise is gladly at your service, striving to meet all your fishing and boating needs in Aruba. From your engine to your tackle box, we can take care of all your boat and fishing requirements. Boat & Fishing Paradise offers a variety of products and services that include boat accessories and safety equipment for fishing activities.

Does catching a bunch of fish on your own boat sound exciting to you? Give us a call today to start your fishing adventure using the latest in fishing equipment and boating gear.


Land N’ Sea is our major supplier of the top-quality and economical boat accessories and safety equipment. We also have a large assortment of trailer parts and other equipment.


Our customer service is truly unrivalled in Aruba. Unlike other companies, our relationship with our client doesn’t end after sale of equipment. We are only a call away when you need us.


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At Boat & Fishing Paradise, we have immense respect for our clients who embark on fishing adventures. In times when solitary hobbies like fishing are fast disappearing, one must take a minute to appreciate how wonderful and calming the activity is. There is nothing like packing your bag and rushing to meet a river, a lake or a brook, sitting yourself down and get lost in your world of thoughts as you wait to catch a juicy fish to become your meal!

Boat & Fishing Paradise provides a great fishing opportunity that offers awe-inspiring scenery and action Aruba. Fishing in this region is a truly breathtaking experience, as it blends the island landscape with the lively waters. The fishing and boating opportunities experienced in Aruba will always leave you excited for the next adventure you embark upon using our paraphernalia.


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